Central Otago Winegrowers

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission and vision

Central Otago Winegrowers is a collaborative association of grape growers and winemakers working together to share information and ideas on the issues that face the region.

The association provides general advice about grape growing and wine making, information on the development of organic vineyards and conversion to organic grape growing practices, organises and operates a programme of continuing education and acts as the local organisation of the Wine Institute of New Zealand (WINZ) and the New Zealand Grape Growers Council (Inc.) and assists members in accessing these organisations. It is also a promotional organisation that develops and delivers cohesive regional promotions and events to benefit all Central Otago wine industry stakeholders.


To represent and guide our members to enable them to achieve excellence as custodians of their land and/or wines.

To promote Central Otago as a dynamic, premium international wine growing region through its commitment to quality, creativity and distinctiveness. We will be relentless champions of our brand reflecting and protecting our brand image and leveraging this to support the commercial success of our region.

To honour our heritage by working together, pioneering new thinking and acting as trusted caretakers of our land. We will embrace our terroir and journey with it, handing traditions along with some ground-breaking ideas from generation to generation.


Central Otago wines are shared and celebrated as some of the world’s most desirable and distinctive.